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Just like medical professionals suggest you get a periodic physical to identify possible issues with your health, we recommend periodic testing of your alarm system, at least annually but even as often as monthly.

Tested Your Alarm System Lately?

The Importance of Testing your Alarm System

Just like medical professionals suggest you get a periodic physical to identify possible issues with your health, we recommend periodic testing of your alarm system, at least annually but even as often as monthly. 

We highly recommend testing your system immediately if you have:

  1. Recently changed phone service or had any phone service done on your home.
  2. Switched to an internet phone service like Vonage or Magic Jack.
  3. Cancelled your landline to use only your cell phone.
  4. Haven’t tested your security system in the last year.

This test will cover two important system communication checks:

  1. Make sure that the alarm hardware in your home or office is communicating to the panel properly.
  2. Make sure that your alarm system communication to the Central Monitoring Station is working properly.

Testing Your System is Easy

Before you test your system, make sure to let us know you plan on testing it.

  1. Call our office at 410-546-2210 and listen for the prompt to test your system. Be ready with your Account ID or passcode.
  2. The operator will ask you for your address and the Account ID. Next, the operator will ask how long you would like the system on test. You can either tell them a span of time (like one hour, for example) where the system will automatically send signals again after that span of time or tell them you’ll call back when you’re done to put the system live again.
  3. Now that your system is set to test mode your alarm will sound and Central Monitoring Station will get the signals, but they will NOT contact the authorities since they know this is just a test.
  4. Arm your system.
  5. Walk around your home or office and test each device and let the alarm sound for about one minute. So, open the window and make sure the system goes into alarm using the keypad display and/or your siren. Reset the alarm and move to the next device.
  6. Once your testing is complete, call the Central Monitoring Station back and make sure the signals were received.

You have now tested your system! As always, our service professionals are here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

Who is on your Security System Call List?

This is a great time to think about who is contacted when your alarm sounds. You created your call list when we initially installed your system. Do you remember who is on your call list?

Many of our customers set their call list more than twenty years ago! We recommend checking your call list at least every couple of years to be sure the information is up to date. Remember to have your Account ID or Passcode handy when you call our office, or complete this online form so we can validate your identity. 

Best Practices 

We recommend listing yourself and any close neighbors or family you trust to be able to check on your property at any time or the day or night. 

Each person on your call list should:

  • Be trained in the operation of your system.
  • Be able to access the protected building(s) on your property.
  • Know the code to arm and disarm your system.
  • Know the system Passcode or Account ID.

Passcode vs. Account ID

Your passcode is a single word designated by you that is able to declare a false alarm. Your Account ID is a unique series of numbers and letters provided to you on installation day on black and white cards the size of a business card. Keep this Account ID safe as knowledge of this ID will allow the bearer to make any changes or updates to your account by calling our office or completing this online form. If you haven’t assigned an account passcode or if you don’t remember what it is, just call our office with your Account ID and we can either remind you or change it: 410-546-2210.

If you aren’t yet an Alarm Engineering customer, experience the customer service difference a local, expert team offers. We’ve been serving your friends and neighbors since 1985.

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