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With so much activity around your front door, it requires smarter home security technology to keep it secure but also convenient to access.

Doorbell Security Camera is Here!

There is so much activity around your front door. Now, you can take advantage of smart home technology that not only increases your security in this high-traffic area, but also is so convenient. 

The smart doorbell camera can be completely integrated into your smart home security system, letting you see who’s at the door whether you’re home or not, have a two-way audio conversation with visitors through your app, and even unlock your front door’s smart lock from that same screen.

Once installed, the smart doorbell also becomes a smart home security camera, able to record and send you motion-detected or doorbell-activated clips,

Once installed, this smart doorbell can also be a smart home security camera, able to record and send you motion-detected or doorbell-activated clips. This new security camera can also send you clips triggered by other devices like your garage door. The smart doorbell motion sensor can also trigger other devices, such as your porch lighting, to deter potential intruders.

Professionally installed and configured by our team and completely integrated into your Alarm Engineering smart home, this technology is available now!

The doorbell camera isn’t the only thing that’s new. Even more features have been integrated with the Alarm Engineering’s platform. 

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Revolutionary One Button Home Control

You now have access to ‘Scenes’ in the app. Scenes are actions you frequently take with your home grouped together so your home can respond with the touch of a button to your every command. Here are some examples…

  • Leaving the house? Tap the new ‘Away’ Scene and your security system can arm, your front door can lock, your garage can close and your thermostat can set back to save energy.
  • Ready for bed? Tap ‘Sleep’ Scene to have your thermostat dial down or switch to the bedroom temperature sensor for perfect comfort, lights can turn off, while your house secures itself for the night.
  • Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. Each scene is configured for a moment in the day where you need to adjust several things at once: arriving home, leaving the house, going to bed and getting up in the morning.

No problem, easily build your Movie Scene, and your system can turn off the lights, lock the door, set the alarm system to Stay with one click on the app. Click here to learn more and here for a quick how-to for building your own custom Scenes.

Hey Alexa!

You may already be familiar with Alexa, Amazon Echo’s voice-controlled assistant (think Siri!). now is compatible with the Echo, you can now control your smart home with the hands-free convenience of voice commands.

Change the temperature, turn your living room light off or even check the arming status of your security system. Even better, you can control all these at once with a single voice command to Alexa. Just say “Alexa, ask to…” followed by your command or question. can either answer you through the Echo or can automatically trigger the device to the action requested. 

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