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Video Solutions

Video surveillance can help save businesses the frustration and expense of inside theft and shoplifting. Video can also help you manage your facility with recorded monitoring of training opportunities, daily deliveries, headcounts, employee/customer accidents and so much more.

Using the latest technology, view what’s happening at your place of business when you’re away with live and recorded options. Our commercial level video solutions are designed to enhance the security of any facility making video easily available to you and your staff.

Tell us what you want to see and we can get you there.

New Video Solutions

Everyone wants IP, but High-Definition systems used to be out of reach for small business budets. Not anymore! High quality video monitoring is accessible to any budget with the recent innovations to the security technology market.

Alarm Engineering gives you that High-Definition video solution that has been out of reach now at a more affordable price. By leveraging the security and efficiency of cloud based data management, we save the cost of an expensive recorder-AND improve security by archiving off-site.

With no recorder to purchase and maintain, it’s future-proof!

Your video is encrypted and transmitted from your business to our secure site. From there, you can access it from any internet connected device with your username and password to view your live or recorded video.

With a searchable library of recorded video clips, you’ll be able to quickly go back and see exactly what occurred and when. Since video recordings are triggered by events, it’s easy to locate the exact clip you are looking for.

Monitoring and Alerts

You already know video improves the safety and security of your customers and staff and allows you to keep a handle on loss prevention. Going beyond the many security benefits, video solutions from Alarm Engineering offers you exiting operations and merchandising tools as well.

What business couldn’t improve in these areas:

  • Understand what your traffic patterns are and make better decisions.
    • People counter solutions allow you to track how many potential customers came in, not just how many decided to buy.
  • Track what merchandising decisions are working for you.
    • Automatically track traffic and end-caps or other areas to track dwell time and traffic
    • Use heat maps to instantly see the dead areas and bottlenecks for short and long term solutions.
  • Out of Stock
    • When you’re shelves are empty, everyone loses. Video helps prevent these issues by informing you or your vendors when items are out of stock.
  • POS Issues
    • Be aware of cashier-related shortages by tracking certain patterns and behavior like incorrect return processing, manually entered values and unauthorized discounts.
    • Identify “Sweetheart” deals!
    • Always know you’re store’s wait time so you can react quickly and make better staff coverage decisions as patterns emerge.
    • Discover which of your processes or rules aren’t being followed and by whom.
  • Deliveries
    • Don’t waste time watching deliveries anymore, your covert cameras can catch everything.
    • Optimize security and operations with intelligent features that recognize when a truck is at the loading dock and can identify suppliers by license plate and integrate with your other systems to know if deliveries are complete.
    • Use our security tools to automatically remotely unlock your doors and disarm your system so you don’t have to go into the store when you have unexpected deliveries.
  • Parking lot and drive thru
    • Intelligent video can keep track of people and vehicles in your parking lot or drive thru, helping you deter crime, minimize injury risk and enforce parking regulations
  • Know what’s happening at your place of business with video alerts.
  • From live video feeds to recorded monitoring of training opportunities,  cash protection, headcounts, employee/customer accidents and so much more, we make it easy.
  • Reporting and Automation tools enable you to monitor opening/closing times, thermostat changes, arms and disarms and much more.
  • Integrated Access Control gives your team complete control.

Our Alarm.com emPower solution leverages that functionality to include thermostats and lighting to achieve not only convenience, but also more efficient energy usage.

Solutions for Every Need

If your surveillance needs are more sophisticated, our team has designed integrated video solutions for jewelry stores, banks and government institutions – rest assured that whatever your high value items, we have the expertise to design an effective video solution for your home.

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