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Sign and Decal Replacements

Why are Signs and Decals so Important?

Protect your home with 24/7 monitoring from Alarm Engineering

This customer’s sign was eaten by their dog. We figure the dog is just jealous she doesn’t get to guard the house anymore!

Whether it’s the snow plow or your neighbor’s dog, your Alarm Engineering signs and decals will eventually need replacing. More than just keeping your property looking good, prominent signage is also a burglary deterrent according to a survey of ex-burglarsProfessional installation, 24/7 monitoring and the deterrence factor of yard signs/decals significantly reduce your likelihood of a break in, according to a Rutgers study

Read more the other 8 quick tips on keeping your home secure here. Understand more about the psychology of burglary and how to defend against it here.

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Convenient, Free Onsite Replacement

You can always come to our office at 2204 W. Zion Road to pick up new signs and decals, but we also offer convenient onsite replacement of your signs and decals. Just fill out the form and let us know how many of each type you need and the next time one an Alarm Engineering team member is in your area, we will replace them for you.

Free onsite sign replacement is just another way we let you know how much we appreciate you trusting Alarm Engineering for your security needs.

Refer a Friend and SAVE!

You’re already a happy Alarm Engineering customer. Why not help those you care about and save money at the same time, it’s easy!

Recommend the safety and security of an Alarm Engineering system to friends, family members, colleagues or other businesses and every new Alarm Engineering customer your referral creates earns you a $50 monitoring credit. We are a locally owned and operated company, so we rely on happy customers like you to spread the word about Alarm Engineering. Our $50 savings incentive is just our way of saying ‘Thank You!’

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We Appreciate You!

Many companies say they appreciate their customers, but actions speak louder than words. Our Customer Loyalty Program offers big savings on your security system upgrade because the longer you have been with us, the more you save!Save up to $1000 on your security system upgrade with customer loyalty rewards

Easy Transition with No Wires to Run 

Upgrading your security system is easier than you think! Wireless, dedicated, tamper-proof security technology with all the remote access and smarter security benefits you see on television are all within your reach. Now, thanks to our Customer Loyalty Promotion, you can upgrade your system at a reduced rate, maybe even at no cost!

For each and every year you’ve been our loyal customer, you will save $50 towards your upgrade. So, if you’ve been with us for 10 years, you’ll save $500. Your upgrade credits can be used to give you many different features including video, garage door control, independent living solutions and more.