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Customer Loyalty Rewards 

Take Advantage of Up to $500 Customer Loyalty Rewards Credit

Many companies say they appreciate their customers, but actions speak louder than words. Our Customer Loyalty Rewards offers you big savings on your smarter home security system upgrade because the longer you have been with us, the more you save, up to $500!

Easy Transition with No Wires to Run 

Upgrading your security system is easier than you think! Wireless, dedicated, tamper-proof security technology with all the remote access and smart home benefits you hear about are all within your reach. Now, thanks to our Customer Loyalty Promotion, you can upgrade your system at a drastically reduced rate, many of our customers have been with us ten years or more, and many have upgraded for FREE!

Alarm Engineering smarter home security system powered by

Still wondering if an upgrade is for you? 

Most of our customers tell us one of these reasons. What is yours?

Outdated Eliminating-Landline
IMBusy DontUnderstand

No matter your reason or your need, there’s no fee and no obligation to find out more from your Systems Specialist. We will come out to your home or business to review your needs and tell you what you can add to your system using your $500 Customer Loyalty Rewards Credit.

Your Home in Your Hands  

As an Authorized Dealer, Alarm Engineering offers the only security system with patented technology to protect against criminals disabling security systems by destroying the panel before it can send an alarm signal using cellular technology. Eliminate any doubt and make sure you are protected when you need it most.

In fact, our cellular technology also enables you to take advantage of interactive features so you can:

GuardDog Home-Movies
Supermoms-Sidekick StatusUpdates
RemoteControl Don't just leave keys under the mat for anyone to find. Lock and unlock your home from anywhere.



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*Cost of upgrade will vary depending on which features/services are chosen, up to $1000.. Offer valid for limited time.  Offer limited to one per customer.  Customer will receive deduction from standard pricing of up to: $50 x number of years customer has been monitored continuously by Alarm Engineering towards enabled equipment. Total deduction can not exceed total upgrade price. Deduction can not be applied/used for monthly fees. Standard monitoring service agreement required.