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Video Monitoring

Best of Both Worlds

Everyone wants IP, but High-Definition systems were often out of reach for homeowners. Not anymore!  High quality video monitoring is accessible to any budget with the recent innovations to the security technology market.

CloudView by Alarm Engineering gives you that High-Definition video solution that has been out of reach now at an affordable price! By leveraging the security and efficiency of cloud based data management, we save the cost of an expensive recorder-AND improve security by archiving off-site.

With no recorder to purchase and maintain, it’s future-proof! 

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Safe & Secure

Your video is encrypted and transmitted from your home to our secure site. From there, you can access it from any internet connected device with your username and password to view your live or recorded video.

With a searchable library of recorded video clips, you’ll be able to quickly go back and see exactly what occurred and when. Since video recordings are triggered by events, it’s easy to locate the exact clip you are looking for.

Monitoring and AlertsReceive video clips when the kids get home from school

Know what’s happening at home (or second home) with video alerts, which can be triggered by motion or time of day.

Powered by, custom user codes can quickly be entered from any computer with internet access for each new renter, cleaning company, visitor or worker – so you know exactly who is coming and going and when. 

Easily set your system to email or text you video clips when your kids come home from school or the pet sitter arrives. The security system serves as the brain of your home and ‘knows’ when the building is occupied.  We leverage this functionality to let know what’s happening based on your preferences. 

Our emPower solution leverages that functionality to include thermostats and lighting to achieve not only convenience, but also more efficient energy usage.

Solutions for Every Need

If your surveillance needs are more sophisticated or you are looking for commercial video solutions, our team has designed integrated video solutions for jewelry stores, banks and government institutions – rest assured that whatever your high value items, we have the expertise to design an effective video solution for your home.

Our customers voted Best Home Security Provider two years running for Sussex, Worcester and Wicomico CountiesCustomer-First Focus

When you choose Alarm Engineering you can take advantage of the expertise our team has been building and constantly improving since 1985. First on the Shore with Interactive Services like home automation and energy management and the latest in secure video technology. Our first priority though, is our customers. When you call Alarm Engineering, you won’t get an auto-attendant and we want to keep it that way. Whenever you need to talk to us, you’ll speak to a live, trained professional ready to help solve your problem or answer your question, 24/7. 

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