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Refer a Friend and SaveRefer a Friend to Alarm Engineering and Save money!

Hello, Happy Alarm Engineering Customer!

Why not help those you care about and save money at the same time –  it’s easy, and you’ll help them feel the same peace of mind.

Recommend the safety, security and 5 star service of an Alarm Engineering system to friends, family members, colleagues, businesses, communities or churches and every new Alarm Engineering customer your referral creates earns you a $50 monitoring credit

Are They Unhappy with Their Current Security Company?

Maybe you’ve listened to your friend or family member vent about poor customer service or the amount they are paying to another security company. Here’s the great news…most of the time, we can simply reprogram the same hardware they already have installed, and there is no charge for our technician to come out and reprogram that existing hardware. Same hardware…but you can help them upgrade to 5-star Alarm Engineering Service.

We Need You

We are a locally owned and operated company, so we rely on happy customers like you to spread the word about Alarm Engineering, through Google and Facebook reviews and of course, through direct referrals. Our $50 savings incentive is an extra ‘Thank You!’ for your help in getting the word out. Win/win!

Remember, educating the important people in your life about the safety and security of an Alarm Engineering system is helping them, too.

Did You Know?

Help Someone You Care About

Do you have some people in mind that could benefit from more information from our no-pressure team? Tell us who you are below and leave your referral’s name and contact information in the comments/Promo Code area and we’ll take care of the rest. It does help if you let them know that we will be contacting them, so they don’t think we are cold calling them! Or, they can contact us directly – and let us know they heard about our team from you.

After they start their Alarm Engineering relationship and we know you referred, you’ll see your credit.

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Save Big with Customer Loyalty Rewards

Have you claimed your Loyalty Rewards with our Customer Loyalty Program? You can save up to $500 on adding doorbell video, real-time awareness, smart lights, locks, HVAC and more.