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Is your Home a Likely Burglary Target?

Let’s Get into the Mind of a Burglar

UNC-Charlotte conducted a study to learn the motivations and habits of burglars. Understanding these motivations and habits helps us defend against theft more effectively. 

Selecting the Target

The study found homes to be the burglar’s primary target, with commercial buildings next in popularity. Further, burglars most often consider the following factors while choosing their target. How does your home stack up?

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Several studies agree that the mere presence of an alarm system is the single most important deterrent strategy. The UNC-Charlotte Study (among others) specifically found that would-be burglars typically look for another target when they see home security equipment or signs

The Plan

Burglars most often follow a pattern when breaking into a home, only one in eight pick locks. Most burglars force open windows or doors to gain entry and once inside they want to maximize their time for high-dollar items. Most start with the master bedroom and end with the kitchen.

According to one study respondent, “People leave things in the same basic locations could have done it with my eyes shut.” So, one security strategy includes putting valuables in places where they are least expected to be found.


Many historical statistics show that most burglaries happen in the afternoon, when people are likely to be out of the home. This UNC-Charlotte Study found that the timing preferences of burglars differed depending on whether the perpetrator was male or female. Males tended to break into homes later in the day. This demonstrates that a 24/7 professionally monitored security system is an important security tool. 

In summary, the houses most prone to burglary are the detached homes, those located close to a highway entrance, and those without alarm systems. When it comes to precautionary measures, the combination of precautions and a home security reduces the probability of burglary significantly. Luckily there is a wide variety of choices for alarm equipment now available, ranging from wireless sensors, sirens,  driveway/entry alerts, and handheld keyfobs. Modern technology enables you to receive real time alerts on your tablet or smartphone. When it comes to surveillance, video serves as the eyes that watch our home, family and valuables 24/7.

Keeping entry points locked, installing alarm systems and cameras, and being a good, observant neighbor around is still the best plan. Since expert burglars appear to be highly habit driven, we all should make security a habit. Remember, it is not only the material possessions that are at risk, but more importantly, the safety of loved ones.

Get inside the Mind of a Burglar here.

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