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“I was a police officer in New Jersey. I went up thru the ranks and made it to chief of detectives of a county prosecutor’s office. Being involved in law enforcement for 25 years I have seen many burglaries and strong arm robberies. We lived in rural Hunterdon County in New Jersey, a very affluent area. Even while living there I had an alarm installed in my home. Once I retired in 2008, we began looking to move to Delaware. In 2011 we built a new home in Delaware. Even though this area is very nice, I felt based on my law enforcement experience I still needed an alarm in my home. From speaking to one of my neighbors he recommended Alarm Engineering for the alarm. I contacted David Mueller and he quickly made time to come to my home and explain all of my options for the alarm installation. The price was good and the components he recommended were just what we needed, so we went ahead and had it installed. Since we have had the alarm, we only had one issue with a faulty window switch that caused an activation. I contacted David and that afternoon a technician came to my residence and correct the problem.

Within the past few weeks I contacted David again and asked if there was any options to remotely control the alarm system from my phone. He recommended a cellular device to be added to my existing system. We went ahead and had it installed. I don’t know why I did not get it installed with my initial installation. This device is great. I am very pleased with my system and the company that did the installation.

Alarm Engineering is a great company to deal with and David Mueller is a really down to earth kind of guy, no high pressure sales and always gets back to you right away.I am a very pleased customer and would recommend Alarm Engineering to anyone looking to have an alarm installed.”  

-Sincerely, Sam D. in Millsboro, DE (customer since 2012)

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Ask The Home Security Experts

Are you considering a home security system but still have some questions? Read these some of our frequently asked questions below or schedule your free, in-home consultation

My husband and I are considering a home security system.  We’re a middle-class family on a budget. Can a family like mine realistically afford a home security system?

Absolutely. A professionally installed and monitored security system is less expensive than you might think. One of our objectives when designing the system is to tailor it to your budget.  The energy management features now available with our systems also help you keep tabs on energy usage and reduce utility costs.  Homeowners’ insurance providers also recognize that monitored security systems reduce the risk of loss and will typically offer a discount on your premium for having one.

How do we choose the right home security company/technology?

Unlike most other consumer products, effective home security solutions are not ordered on a website or sold as packages over the phone. In order for the system to be truly effective, many factors — including the property size and layout; pets, areas or items that require special protection, such as jewelry, firearms, valuables — all need to be factored into the system design.  Our system specialists will meet with you at your home or business and provide a free onsite assessment, quoting a system that meets your needs.

Is there home security technology available on the market that allows parents to know where their children are?

A very popular feature with parents is our Real Time Alerts. Mom and Dad can receive automatic text, email and video notifications letting them know when the kids have arrived home from school or if they haven’t arrived by a certain time. The video is an added bonus, being able to see from your smartphone or tablet, what’s happening there and who might be with them at home.  We can also alert parents if the gun safe, medicine or liquor cabinet is opened.

What guarantee does my family have that your installers and technicians are trustworthy?

Unlike the cable and phone companies, we are classified as a professional security company and as such are required to hold security licenses and clearances that involve extensive, multilevel criminal background screenings for each of our employees. Our customers include banks, jewelry stores, government facilities and other high security locations. The credibility of our team members is imperative.  We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves on being accountable and accessible.

Energy management and home automation seem to be hot features now. How do these features work, and are they expensive?

Our system can connect all of the key devices in your home: HVAC, lights, locks, garage doors, video and security.  Allowing these systems to communicate and work together gives you smart, responsive automation and seamless control that you can’t get from stand-alone solutions. As technology continues to advance, the cost of making a home “smart” has dropped considerably. In fact, a large percentage of the security systems we install these days have integrated automation and/or energy-management capabilities. Installing this type of system is a good investment that returns peace of mind, convenience and savings, by combining security, home automation and energy management on one reliable platform.

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