Video Surveillance Solutions for Home or Business

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Video Surveillance for Home and Business

Be There. Even When You Aren’t.

In the past high-definition camera systems were often out of reach for homeowners and small businesses. Not anymore!

High quality video monitoring is accessible to almost budget with the recent innovations to the security technology market. By leveraging the security and efficiency of cloud based data management, we save the cost of an expensive recorder-AND improve security by archiving off-site.

For Home

See what’s going on at your property, even when you’re not there. Now, you can see who’s pulling in the driveway, set video to trigger by motion or specific description (people, animals and vehicles), get video clips when your kids arrive home, or just check in to see how your pets are doing with live video feeds from your internet connected computer. The latest in video analytics allow you to set up specific rules so you see what you’re interested in seeing. 

Video is the perfect solution for seniors who want to continue to live independently, too. Video can show a senior living alone who is ringing the doorbell, show high risk fall areas like stairs to loved ones or send video clips activated by motion, and more! Personal emergency pendants, motion detectors, and video professionally integrated with your security system ensures you or your loved one feel safe.

For Business: Large and Small

Video surveillance can help save businesses the frustration and expense of inside theft and shoplifting. Video can also help you manage your facility with recorded monitoring of training opportunities, daily deliveries, headcounts, hot areas, employee/customer accidents and so much more.

Smarter Business Security Video Solutions from Alarm Engineering powered by

Using the latest technology, view what’s happening at business when you’re away with live and recorded options. Enterprise Level Video Networks and more are designed to enhance the security of any facility making video easily available to you and your staff.

Commercial, Industrial and Government

If your video monitoring needs are more sophisticated, our team has designed integrated video solutions for jewelry stores, banks and government institutions – rest assured that whatever your high value items, we have the expertise to design an effective video solution to suit your needs.

Monitoring, Alerts, & Energy Management

More than just video, your security system serves as the brain of your home or business and ‘knows’ when the building is occupied or empty.  We leverage this functionality to lets you know what’s happening when you’re away based on preferences you set.

Custom user codes can quickly be entered from any computer with internet access for each new renter, cleaning company, visitor, or employee – so you know exactly who is coming and going and when.

Our smarter security technology leverages that brain to include thermostats and lighting to achieve not only convenience, but also more efficient energy usage.

Get Started

Consultations are always free at Alarm Engineering. Tell us a little about your needs and we’ll customize a video solution perfect for your needs and budget.

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