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Using the 5 D's of Home Security, here are some ways to achieve both increased security and beautiful, friendly curb appeal.

Secure Your Yard with the 5D’s of Home Security

For many homeowners, the front yard is a challenging area to keep secure.

By design, the front yard is a semi-public area between your home and the street. If you’re like most of us, you care about your home’s curb appeal and aren’t interested in extreme security measures, but there still are discreet steps you can take to make your front yard and ultimately your home more secure.

Using the 5 D’s of Home Security, here are some ways to achieve both increased security and friendly curb appeal.


  • A professionally monitored smart home security system is perhaps the most powerful deterrent of all, and well-placed new yard signs are a great way to announce your security system. Do you need new yard signs or decals for windows? Let us know here, replacements are always free.
  • While most of its technology will reside in your home, several elements will be noticeable from the outside. These include outdoor video camerasor a video doorbell—and smart locks for your doors. 
  • After dark, lighting is an excellent deterrent. Focus on a few key areas for lighting: your front door and porch, plus any potential hiding places in your hard.
  • Motion activated smart lighting, with its power to suddenly and startlingly put an intruder in the spotlight, is best of all. Smart lights are easy to have installed on your front porch and around your whole property as part of a smart home security system, which can also schedule the lights to turn on automatically at sunset.


  • Your monitored security system is an important part of the detection of people up to no good. 
  • Video cameras integrated into your security system are excellent detection devices as well. You can get a video clip sent right to your smartphone or peek in at any time. With recording on the cloud, there’s no worries about a bad guy destroying the DVR evidence in your home. You might be able to save on your video upgrade with our Customer Loyalty Rewards.


  • Nothing radiates curb appeal like a traditional, white picket fence. Yet, it’s also a signal that says, loud and clear: “My property starts here.”
  • Gates are easily climbed. However, bad guys typically go for the easiest target and don’t want to be seen climbing or even jumping a fence. They’ll also be aware that they’ll look suspicious on the other side, and that the slatted design of the fence leaves nowhere to hide from passers-by.


  • A clear, well-maintained path to your front door—ideally bordered with shrubs or flowers—sends a message to stay on the path.
  • It’s an example of ‘natural access control,’ where landscaping is used not to physically block people, but to subtly discourage certain behavior. Look at the front of any public building and you’ll see it in action.
  • Another effective technique is to strategically plant roses, hawthorns and other thorny shrubs around ground-floor windows. Again, this won’t keep out a determined intruder, but it will discourage an opportunistic one from peering into your home. Plus, those roses will complement your picket fence.


  • Sometimes referred to as the response layer, this is where the police come in, notified by your 24/7 monitored security system – they catch the bad guys (or more often, run them off).
  • Make sure your monitored security system is working flawlessly by testing your system regularly.

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