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5 star service from Alarm EngineeringDavid (Mueller) was friendly, informative, and we did not feel pressured or feel like we were trying to be sold a system but rather he was advising us.”

-Matthew in Georgetown, DE (customer since 2016)

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 Jodi Garvin and Alarm Engineering are your Wilmington, DE security system alarm specialist

Your Wilmington, DE Security Specialist

Whether you’re considering home or business security, smart home automation or surveillance cameras, Alarm Engineering is your Wilmington, DE Security Specialist. If you’re new to the Wilmington area…welcome!

Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city and economic engine and provides big city ‘feel’ while their scale and walkability preserves its small-town charm.

According to, Wilmington has a “rich history and offers a unique blend of old and new. Old Swedes Church was erected in 1698 and is still in use, and the Harriet Tubman Byway of the Underground Railroad runs right through downtown Wilmington. On Market Street, Willingtown Square hosts several of our oldest residential structures, and Rodney Square is our central public space that honors Delaware’s vote for colonial independence. The street is dotted with beautiful, historic buildings and ornate architecture brought back to life with new uses for a new age, right in the heart of the city.

The Riverfront, a new district forged from a former shipyard and industry hub, is one of the city’s hottest destinations with its dynamic live-work-play environment. Wilmington is proud of it’s history and ambitious about the future.”

We’ve been serving the Wilmington, DE area since 1985. So whether you’ve lived here all your life or you’re new to Wilmington, rest assured that Alarm Engineering is the local, family owned business that locals trust. Don’t take our word for it, check out our 5-Star Google Reviews here.

We’re Local, Like You

Alarm Engineering is the leading security alarm system supplier and life safety systems specialist in Delaware and the entire Delmarva Peninsula. Our experience with integrated security, smart home automation, video, commercial access control, and fire and life safety systems means our highly trained staff will get the job done right. We are the largest locally owned and operated security system supplier on the Shore, so that means that we’re large enough to serve you and still small enough to care, according to our customer testimonials.

The Alarm Engineering Difference

Our dedication to you starts with our Systems Specialist, who listens to your concerns during our free no-obligation on-site visit. We make suggestions and present options to you. We believe it’s important to see the area of concern in order to suggest the most effective solutions for your home or business. Since Alarm Engineering serves the entire Delmarva Peninsula, it’s important that you have a dedicated partner who lives in your area with 24/7 security service hours and proven professional monitoring.

If your home or business is in Wilmington, DE or surrounding communities in New Castle County Delaware, your dedicated Systems Specialist is Jodi Garvin.

At Alarm Engineering, we do believe in building relationships by  listening closely and providing  solutions within your budget. WeDont_Roboto_larger

Did You Know?

Here are some Wilmington, DE statistics you may not know. Wilmington, DE is safer than 2% of US cities according to Area Vibes. In Wilmington, you have a 1 in 15 chance of being a victim of a crime. The crime rate in Wilmington, DE has increased by 9%.

When it comes to deterring a break-in, the most effective deterrent is a professionally monitored security system with obvious signs and decals. Burglars like easy targets, and many times will just continue to the next house when they see an Alarm Engineering sign. In addition, when burglars see a neighborhood with many burglar alarm system signs, they will often keep moving to an easier target. That means referring Alarm Engineering to your neighbors keeps you and them safer, plus you’ll save!

Speaking of Savings…

Your insurance company knows that you are less likely to experience a break-in with an Alarm Engineering home security system and less likely to submit a claim, so you may qualify for discounts. Contact your insurance agent to learn how much your homeowners insurance can be. For now, read all the reasons your insurance company wants you to have a professionally installed and monitored security system here.

What Burglars Look For

Most TV and movies show burglaries happening at night but in fact, most burglaries take place in the afternoon. So, while you’re enjoying Wilmington’s burgeoning restaurant scene on Market Street, Union Street, and Trolley Square or the Delaware Art Museum, The Grand Opera House or Live Nation at The Queen, bad guys may be helping themselves.

Social media is so tempting, but burglars have been known to monitor social for targets. Be careful about posting that you’re out of town or gone for long periods of time. 

Request your free onsite consultation with Jodi now and get your first month free, even if you’re with another company right now! Just remember to enter WILMINGTONFREEMONTH Promo Code or tell us you learned about this offer on the Wilmington page.

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Some Wilmington Customers you Might Recognize

Some of our commercial Wilmington, DE customers include: Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, Fellowship Health Resources, and Johnny Janosik Furniture.

Do you already have a quote from another alarm company and your’e ready to do your security system supplier comparison? Download our Security Comparison Smart Guide for Home and Business and learn why your neighbors chose Alarm Engineering.

What is a Smart Home?

You may have heard the words Smart Home or Smart Home Automation lately. It might still sound like the Jetson’s, but smarter security is here now, for less than you think. Do you remember when you thought of your smartphone as a convenience and not a necessity? That’s how you’ll feel about smarthomes soon.

You might think that smart devices are the definition of a Smart Home. Smart devices are an important part of building a smart home, but some smart devices alone does not make a Smart Home.

So what does make a home smart?

Alarm Engineering is a five star team looking to add YOU!

Your Security System is the Smart Home Coach

Think of your favorite sports team. Each player has important and specialized skills, but they can only win games by working together.

The foundation of a good team is the coach. Throughout the game, the coach gets information from players and assistants to understand the big picture of what’s happening on the field. With this information, he can call the plays and makes sure each player contributes.

The true smart home has such a coach: your security system. Your security system controls every device in the home. It gathers intelligence from around the home and coordinates actions to make the home safer, smarter and more efficient.

You might not see what’s happening behind the scenes, but you will definitely notice the unique features and value that only a security-controlled smart home can deliver.

Integrated video, energy savings and proactive protection are some specific examples of how a Smart Home can make a positive impact. Read our full article on these features here.

About Jodi

You may already know Jodi but if you don’t, we want you to get to know her a little better.

Jodi is an Eastern Shore native and Salisbury University alumna who lives in Cambridge, MD where she was born and raised. After college, she returned to Cambridge where she lives with her husband Joey and young rambunctious sons, Cash and Jagger. Besides quality time with family and friends, Jodi enjoys beach days, reading and Crossfit!

Jodi Garvin lives in Cambridge, MD with her husband Joey and young rambunctious sons, Cash and Jagger.

Jodi lives in Cambridge with her husband Joey and young rambunctious sons, Cash and Jagger. Aren’t they the cutest?

I Like Being a Systems Specialist Because…

“I’m a people person! I love meeting new people and getting to know them. My role at Alarm Engineering also has the added benefit of being able to help people too. Whether it’s home security, smart home technology, personal emergency or an access control or fire system for a large business, it’s so important to be able to learn that person’s needs so we can provide the very best service.

I work with an amazing group of professionals who are always willing to go above and beyond for me and our customers. We also keep it fun, I’m smiling throughout the day. You can’t beat that!”

What Customers are Saying about Jodi

“Great customer service. As a realtor, I need to make sure that the services I recommend are the best and I have not been disappointed. Keep up the good work, thank you also to Jodi Garvin.” -Cornelia in St. Michaels, MD

Jodi is very professional and we highly recommend the company. We looked at other companies, but no one came close to their expertise.” -Jeff in Easton, MD

“Professionalism and friendliness are words to describe Jodi Garvin of Alarm Engineering.  I am very pleased with my new system.”  – Eydie in Cambridge, MD.

“I have Alarm Engineering in all my stores!! Jodi Garvin is the best!!” -Philicia with 59 Tags & Title in Cambridge, MD

“My experience with Alarm Engineering has been fantastic. From start to finish I have Jodi Garvin 5 stars. I expressed interest in having a security system installed with cameras. She was there within 2 days. She toured our home and made suggestions that would be best for our family. She provided us with a quote that evening and had everything installed a week later. I highly recommend!!” – Chelsea in Vienna, MD via Google Review

Alarm Engineering has been a great company to work with during my 15 years in the IT field. Now that I’m based in Dorchester County, I’ve been working with Jodi Garvin. She has been an awesome resource for setting up sales consulting appointments and installation follow-ups. Their service department is also a great strength. Highly recommend!” -Rob with LWRCI in Cambridge, MD via Google Review

“When I wanted an alarm system my builder recommended Alarm Engineering. From my initial inquiry to the installation and then activation everything went smoothly! Jodi was wonderful, always responded to my questions and was able to meet with me at my office and after work! Great company!” – Cheri in Madison, MD via Google Review

“Very informed and very professional. Great employees.” – Awful Arthurs in St. Michaels, MD

Alarm Engineering has been a reliable and trustworthy company to work with. They do what they say they are going to do when they are going to do it.  A real pleasure to work with. “-  Jim Robellard, Maintenance Supervisor at Cambridge International in Cambridge, MD.

Our top-rated customer service continues to win awards such as Best Home Security Provider and East Region Dealer of the Year. These are just a just a few of the testimonials we receive each month from customers about Jodi and our team. Read more of our customer experiences on Yelp, Angie’s List, Google, Facebook and on our Customer Review page. Have you seen our many 5 Star Google Reviews?

Jodi leading a Realtor Safety Class for the Mid-Shore Board of Realtors in Easton, MD

Jodi leading a Realtor Safety Class for the Mid-Shore Board of Realtors in Easton, MD.

How Would You Describe YOUR Alarm Company?

If you already have an alarm system, have you left them a five star review or want to tell your neighbors about them? If not, give Jodi a call because we can take over many types of systems installed by other companies. Plus, when you trust Alarm Engineering to professionally monitor your currently installed alarm system, there is no charge for our technician to come and activate, test and demonstrate your system to you.

If you’re already an Alarm Engineering customer, you qualify for our Customer Loyalty Rewards program. Find out more here!

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