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The most obvious advantage of wireless security systems are less wire and drilling throughout your home or business, but there are many more advantages. Here are seven benefits of installing or upgrading your current system to wireless.

7 Benefits of a Wireless Security System

The most obvious advantage of wireless security systems is less wire and drilling throughout your home or business, but there are many more advantages. Here are seven benefits of installing or upgrading your current system to wireless.


As an authorized Alarm.com dealer, our systems can use a secure cellular connection that is fast and reliable. Plus, as telephone companies continue to make changes to infrastructure, traditional landline phones lines are becoming less reliable for alarm communication.

Save Money

As traditional phone service is phased out of more of our Eastern Shore communities, traditional phone lines are increasingly expensive. Enjoy the savings of eliminating your traditional phone service without breaking the bank with our exclusive Customer Loyalty Rewards.

Exclusive “Crash & Smash” Technology

Savvy intruders will attempt to destroy your security system’s control panel to defeat the alarm. With our wireless protection, the alarm signal can still be sent to our central station, alerting us to the situation and the authorities can be dispatched.

Real-Time Notifications

Another benefit of a wireless security system is the flexibility and convenience of knowing what’s happening while you’re away. Once you have the foundation of your smart home in place, it’s easy to add to your system later. We can incorporate light, lock, appliance, thermostat, video and garage control into your smart home. Even if you’re looking to put your home on the market soon, it’s a smart move.

“We have remote controls for everything these days, so why not for your home?” our customer Donna tells us. “Control your lights, or lock and unlock your door remotely — and your thermostat! Now that’s the biggie! Just touch your phone, and you’re done! I don’t have to worry about whether I remembered to bring my keys when I left D.C, and I change the thermostat settings on my way, so it’s comfortable when I arrive.”

Create Custom User Codes with Ease

Don’t give ‘forever access’ to folks who shouldn’t be able to access your home later without your knowledge. Your wireless Alarm.com system from Alarm Engineering allows you to easily change or disable custom user codes for renters, guests, workers, property managers and more.

“A friend from South Bethany just recently shared with me that her neighbors rented their home out over the summer and that those same renters were still using the home on Thanksgiving because the renters had made themselves a key!” Our customer Paul shared. “Well, there’s no way that can happen with our home: We can just look to see if anyone has come in or even if anyone changed the thermostat settings.”

Remote system access to lights, locks, thermostats, video and garage door from your smartphone or tablet.

Integrating your security system with home automation and remote access is using the system to its fullest potential. Protect your family and investment with the security and automation experts at Alarm Engineering. We’ve been protecting Delmarva for over thirty years and were the first to bring automation to the Shore. Remember, you can save by upgrading your system with our Customer Loyalty Rewards.

“This system removed the burden and pressure of owning an investment property,” our customer Paul in Delaware offers. “Now, we’re looking forward to our first renters at Savage Pines this season!”

Big Savings with Customer Loyalty Rewards

As a valued Alarm Engineering customer, you can save big on your upgrade to a wireless security system with our Customer Loyalty Rewards, where we give you $50 in credit for each year you’re been our customer towards wireless features up to $500. This includes wireless crash and smash technology mentioned above, but also lights, locks, thermostat, appliance, video (including doorbell video), and garage door control from anywhere. Many of our customers have already upgraded for FREE!

“The service we have had with Alarm Engineering has been excellent. The updated security system has been very helpful. Now we can remotely access the house and open it up, decrease or increase the temperature, check on the water, plus many other features. The video is really impressive because we can watch real time what is happening from a remote location or in the house. The biggest asset is peace of mind.” -John M. 

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