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“I was a police officer in New Jersey. I went up thru the ranks and made it to chief of detectives of a county prosecutor’s office. Being involved in law enforcement for 25 years I have seen many burglaries and strong arm robberies. We lived in rural Hunterdon County in New Jersey, a very affluent area. Even while living there I had an alarm installed in my home. Once I retired in 2008, we began looking to move to Delaware. In 2011 we built a new home in Delaware. Even though this area is very nice, I felt based on my law enforcement experience I still needed an alarm in my home. From speaking to one of my neighbors he recommended Alarm Engineering for the alarm. I contacted David Mueller and he quickly made time to come to my home and explain all of my options for the alarm installation. The price was good and the components he recommended were just what we needed, so we went ahead and had it installed. Since we have had the alarm, we only had one issue with a faulty window switch that caused an activation. I contacted David and that afternoon a technician came to my residence and correct the problem.

Within the past few weeks I contacted David again and asked if there was any options to remotely control the alarm system from my phone. He recommended a cellular device to be added to my existing system. We went ahead and had it installed. I don’t know why I did not get it installed with my initial installation. This device is great. I am very pleased with my system and the company that did the installation.

Alarm Engineering is a great company to deal with and David Mueller is a really down to earth kind of guy, no high pressure sales and always gets back to you right away.I am a very pleased customer and would recommend Alarm Engineering to anyone looking to have an alarm installed.”  

-Sincerely, Sam D. in Millsboro, DE (customer since 2012)

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 10 Ways to Make Your Home Smart

The Smart Home might still sound like the Jetsons, but smart home technology is here and it’s affordable. Thanks to your team here at Alarm Engineering, it’s easy too. Here are 10 ways we can help you transform your home into a Smart Home.


Check in to live video from anywhere to make sure workers are doing what you asked. Also keep an eye on kids, fur babies and aging parents with ease from anywhere.

Remote Access

Turn on your lights, coffee pot, adjust the thermostat so it’s comfy when you get home, lock or unlock your doors, peek in to live video to check in on workers, aging parents, kids or fur babies….and more. All from our free apps.


It’s not just convenient; save energy and money by dimming or turning off lights when you’re away. With Alarm.com’s exclusive Geo-Fence technology your smart home can even automatically turn off lights when you arm your system to away. 

If you’re away on vacation, turn on lights occasionally right from your app to make it appear someone is home and your chance of being broken into goes down.

Garage Door

How many times have you left the house and agonized over whether you remembered to close the garage door? No more! Get alerts if you’ve left it open and close it right from our app.


No more keys under the mat! Lock or unlock your door from anywhere. Is an unexpected guest or worker dropping by? No problem! See and talk to them using our doorbell camera and then let them right in from your app.

Once installed, the smart doorbell also becomes a smart home security camera, able to record and send you motion-detected or doorbell-activated clips,


It’s not just lights – Alarm.com technology plugs into any outlet so you can transform any appliance into a Smart Appliance that you can turn on and off from anywhere. Think about what’s most convenient for you  – turning on the crock pot while at work, turning off your daughter’s curling iron, or even feeding your pet. It’s up to you!


Warm up your house right from bed in the morning or adjust the temp when you’re on your way to the beach house. Or, set up easy schedules so that the system adjusts for you.

Real-Time Alerts

Know what’s going on at home from anywhere with real-time email or text messages.

What’s important to you? Whether Mom is opening her medicine cabinet for daily and nightly meds? Concerned about someone opening the liquor or gun cabinet? Whether the pet-sitter is coming every day while your’re away? Whatever is important to you at home, you can have access to from anywhere.

with Alarm.com real time alerts, always know what's going on at home.


Not only will your system help you save on your energy bills, with our Customer Loyalty Rewards, use your $1000 credit towards your smart home upgrade.


You may already have an Alarm Engineering home security system, but but these features offer smarter security. Video cameras, new generation motion detectors that also capture images, and real-time alerts all increase your security. Plus, you know we are providing the same-day service and 24/7 professional monitoring you expect.

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