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Keep Valentine's Day stress-free. Deliveries are nice, but balloons left unattended often trigger motion detectors. Prevent False Alarms tonight and throughout the year with these quick tips.

The Holiday with the Most False Alarms

Valentine’s Day is consistently the holiday where false alarm activity spikes. Check out our quick tips to keep you out of the dog house this Valentine’s Day.

False Alarm Tips

  1. Take any deliveries home and ask your team to do the same. Don’t leave balloons in any room with motion detection where the alarm will be set to Away.
  2. Planning to pan-sear those steaks or kick it up a notch with flambé for your Valentine date? You may trigger your smoke detectors. Check out these cooking safety tips here and call us at 410.546-2210 to put your system on Test or declare a false alarm.

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