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Rated 5 Stars!“I upgraded from another local provider when a quoted equipment upgrade more than doubled in price on follow up!!! When my contract was almost fulfilled, I called Alarm Engineering after seeing sooo many glowing reviews everywhere I looked. Lee Smith was excellent, no pressure but very knowledgeable and thorough. I was able to get my upgraded service, new (and additional!) equipment, all for a fraction of what “that other” company was trying to sucker me into. Installation was a breeze and I’ve not had a single problem since. Very easy to use, I love the tech features, and am really happy to make this switch. Thank you, AE!”

-Nancy in Salisbury, MD on Facebook

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Part of the integrated Smart Home is awareness that benefits you in ways you may not have considered.

Real-Time Awareness = Peace of Mind

Part of the integrated Smart Home is awareness that benefits you in ways you may not have considered. 

You already know contact sensors work for doors and windows. You may not know that same technology can be used for so much more. Next, you and your family have patterns; times you leave for work, school and activities. Your security system is smart enough to learn what may be out of the ordinary and give you a heads up.

What is a Contact Sensor?

Let’s take a step back and talk about what contact sensors are and how they work. Contact sensors tell your security system if something is open or closed.

A single contact sensor is made of two pieces: one installed on the movable feature (like the door) and one on the stationary feature (like the door jamb). When it’s opened and the pieces move apart, the sensor signals ‘open’ to your security system.

Contact sensors were created to trigger the alarm – to sound the alarm if the ‘open’ signal is sent when the alarm is set. Contact sensors will also warn you if you try to arm the system while a contact is open or separated.

In an Alarm Engineering Smart Home, those contact sensors can serve a much greater role.

The sensor’s open or closed status can send you real-time alerts so you know when something is open or closed around your home. These are easy to customize, so you can set them up to get the exact information you want. For example, you can get an alert if a window is open when you to go bed, or if you leave home without closing the back door. 

But they can do so much more.

Because contact sensors are wireless, you can put them on almost anything you want to keep tabs on. Here are some examples:

  • Protect valuables: place one on a safe at home or on your jewelry box so you always know when those areas are accessed or if you just forgot to close it.
  • Protect the yard: receive an alert if someone opens the gate to your yard or accesses the pool gate.
  • Protect food: get a real-time alert if one of the kids left the freezer door open.
  • Protect off limit areas: your gun cabinet or where you store harmful chemicals like paint thinner is a perfect area to monitor closely.

Your security system gets to know your everyday patterns and can let you know if something out of the ordinary is happening.

Unexpected Activity

These proactive notifications take intelligent protection to the next level. If you have little ones or aging parents, Unexpected Activity notifications can help. Your security system powered by alarm.com gets to know your everyday patterns and can let you know if something out of the ordinary is happening. Here are some areas where these Unexpected Activity alert can save the day:

  • External doors: your doors probably see lots of activity on weekdays. But if your curious four-year old is opening the door at 6am on a weekend, your Unexpected Activity alert lets you know.
  • Medicine cabinet: if you have young children, you want to know if they are accessing an area that may be harmful. If you have an aging parent, you may want to be sure they are taking their medication on schedule.
  • Top of the stairs: little ones can wander at night if they aren’t feeling well, had a bad dream or just are looking for some fun. If their bedroom is near the stairs you can be alerted before a potential tumble.
  • Door to garage: the garage area may be off-limits to your kids, but they might still be tempted. This area is likely busy during the weekends, but if you have a curious little one heading out there on a weekday, get an alert right away.

Big Savings

If you’re already an Alarm Engineering customer, upgrading your system to Smart Home technology is a breeze! Our Customer Loyalty Rewards allow you to claim up to $500 to upgrade your system to use cellular technology so you don’t need your phone line. You can also save on getting real-time text and email alerts, adding our new doorbell camera, lights, locks, energy management and so much more

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