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Concord / Simon XT / Simon XTI Sensors – Battery Replacement Guide

Use the guide below to find the replacement battery type needed for your Concord / Simon security sensor. While some batteries look similar, it is important to use the correct battery type to ensure your security sensor will continue to function well and avoid hardware damage.

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Door and Window Sensors

PictureSensor TypeModel / DescriptionVoltageBattery TypeQuantity Needed
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix NX-450 SAW Wireless Door/Window Sensor1.5vAAA2
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix TX-E201 Wireless Door/Window Sensor3vCR20321
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix TX-E231 Wireless Door/Window Sensor w Wired Contact Input3vCR20321
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix TX-E251 Wireless Long-Range Door/Window Sensor3vCR2 1
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix TX-1012-01-1 Micro Door/Window Sensor3vCR20321
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix TX+DWS TX+ Wireless Door/Window Sensor3vCR20322
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix 60-362N-10-319-5 MaxLife Crystal Door/Window Sensor3vCR123A1
class=alignnoneDoor / WindowInterlogix TX-E221 Recessed Door/Window Sensor 3vCR123A1

Other Sensors

Includes Motion, Smoke, Heat, Freeze, Flood, Carbon Monoxide, Image, Glassbreak, Keyfob and Panic sensors.

PictureSensor TypeModel / DescriptionVoltageBattery TypeQuantity Needed
class=alignnoneGarage Door Interlogix TX-E401 Garage Door Tilt Sensor3vCR1231
class=alignnoneMotionITI DS924i / DS924iP PIR Motion Sensor3.6v3AA2
class=alignnoneSmokeInterlogix TX-6010-01-1 Supervised Wireless Combo Heat/Smoke Detector3vCR123A2
class=alignnoneHeatInterlogix HDX-135-345 Wireless Rate-of-Rise Heat Sensor3vCR123A1
class=alignnoneCarbon MonoxideInterlogix TX-6310-01-1 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm1.5vAAA3
class=alignnoneFlood Freeze ComboInterlogix TX-E611 Wireless Combo Flood/Freeze Detector3vCR24501
class=alignnoneFloodInterlogix 60-744-95R Wireless Flood Detector1.5vAAA2
class=alignnoneFreezeInterlogix 60-742-95R Saw Freeze Sensor1.5vAAA2
class=alignnoneShockInterlogix 60-886-95 Learn Mode Wireless Shock Sensor3vCR123A1
class=alignnoneGlassbreakInterlogix 60-873-95 Wireless ShatterPro Glassbreak Detector3vCR123A2
class=alignnoneImageInterlogix 600-9400-IMAG-KIT Image Sensor1.5vLithium AA2
class=alignnoneKeyfobInterlogix 60-659-95R Wireless 4-Button Remote Alarm Keyfob12vA231
class=alignnoneKeyfobInterlogix 600-1064-95R 4-Button Micro Keyfob3vCR20321
class=alignnoneKeyfobInterlogix 4 Button TX 5003-01 Slimline Keyfob3vCR20251
class=alignnonePanicInterlogix TX-4200-01-1 Wireless Personal Panic Device3vCR16321

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