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You might think that smart devices are the definition of a smart home. Smart devices are an important part of building a smart home, but some smart devices alone doesn't make a smart home.

Smart Devices are Only a Part of The Smart Home

You might think that smart devices are the definition of a smart home. Smart devices are an important part of building a smart home, but some smart devices alone doesn’t make a smart home.

So what makes a home smart?

The Coach

Think of your favorite sports team. Each player has important and specialized skills, but they can only win games by working together.

The foundation of a good team is the coach. Throughout the game, the coach gets information from players and assistants to understand the big picture of what’s happening on the field. With this information, he can call the plays and makes sure each player contributes.

The true smart home has such a coach: your security system. Your security system controls every device in the home. It gathers intelligence from around the home and coordinates actions to make the home safer, smarter and more efficient.

You might not see what’s happening behind the scenes, but you will definitely notice the unique features and value that only a security-controlled smart home can deliver.

Your smart home using integrated video

Video monitoring is a popular smart home security solution. Standalone smart cameras record motion-triggered clips of activity in the home and send them to the homeowner, providing valuable awareness of what’s going on.

An integrated video system can do more. The security system can tell the platform who disarmed the system or where important activity is happening, such as someone entering the back door. With this information the platform intelligently directs the camera to capture important activity and then alerts you with a video clip on your smart phone.

When the homeowner disarms the system, the camera doesn’t record. The platform enhances awareness when you’re away and privacy when you’re home.

Your smart home sensing opportunities to save energy

A standalone smart thermostat knows when you walk in front of it. But that’s not a lot of information to decide whether it should make the entire home comfortable, or set back to save energy. 

A smart home can trigger energy saving opportunities depending on where you are. For example, if you’re away the thermostat can automatically change to the ‘away’ temperature and the lights shut off if they were left on. This saves you money and time. You’re also not sacrificing comfort because when you are near home, the thermostat readjusts to a comfortable temperature, the lights come on and the door unlocks for you.

Your smart home on the lookout for water damage

Smart devices can help protect your property. For example, a water sensor can alert you that a pipe is leaking in your second home hours away.

A smart home can go further and respond proactively. When the water sensor is triggered the platform immediately commands a connected water valve in the basement to shut off the home’s water.

And that’s just the beginning. While the standalone device offers value in each case, the platform is the key to multiplying their value and solving complex, real-life challenges for homeowners. 

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