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Rated 5 Stars!“I liked the thoroughness of the install and the friendliness, knowledgeable-ness and personable-ness of installer [Terry]. It was spectacular, no recommendations for improvement.”

-Diane in Georgetown, DE 

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Smarter Security Cancel Verify Alarm App

Cancel and Verify Alarms…Right from your App

Smart Signal enhances your system’s professional monitoring with a set of clear, simple emergency buttons in your Alarm Engineering app powered by

These Buttons Let You:

  • Quickly verify an alarm at your property to expedite emergency response,
  • Cancel a false alarm easily, or
  • Send a panic signal from your home or business if you discover an emergency yourself.

Why Cancel/Verify?

False alarms are a common concern and accidental dispatches ties up important resources, potentially distracting from real emergencies. Now with the press of a button and without needing to wait for a call from our central monitoring station, an entire situation can be resolved saving headaches, time and money.

Are These Buttons Always Visible?

Alarm events and emergencies are stressful. These features were designed to be easily accessible while also safeguarding against accidental alarm events. For this reason, Cancel and Verify buttons only appear in the app during alarm events. To confirm or verify the alarm, just press and hold the relevant button for three seconds.

Act Quickly

Since we pride ourselves on dispatching the authorities to you quickly, you’ll need to cancel any false alarms almost immediately to stop the process. For this reason, the Cancel/Verify buttons in your app are only available for two minutes. If you aren’t sure whether an alarm signal has been triggered or whether you correctly declared a false alarm, we can always help at 410-546-2210.

Are Alarm signals Held until a Cancel/Verify Button is Pressed?

NO! All alarm signals still send as they always have.

Available Now

This new feature is in your app now at no additional cost to you. 

Don’t have the App Yet?

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About Alarm Engineering

Locally owned Alarm Engineering has been securing Delmarva since 1985. In that time, we have developed a reputation for integrity, reliability, and quality with our emphasis on superior service to our customers. We know you have many choices when it comes to your security system, so here are some things you should know about us. 

Alarm Engineering is leading provider of electronic security systems and services in Delaware and the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia. From integrated home security systems with home automation and video to large enterprise-level integrated systems and small business solutions, our highly trained and professional staff will get the job done right. As an Authorized dealer, we offer exclusive Crash and Smash technology, Geo-Fencing and LiftMaster Garage Control, and the Doorbell Camera as part of our Home Automation offerings.

For more about what sets us apart from the crowd, click here or give us a call at 410.546.2210. But don’t just take our word for it: read what our customers are saying.