Donna @ Richard A. Henson Foundation rates us 5 stars - courteous, clean, great, top notch -

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Rated 5 Stars!“Just want to tell you that I have bragged to my board about your guys. They are always courteous, show up on time, clean up & keep me informed. I cannot say enough about Dan.  He is a great guy and so conscientious. I’ve probably told him, he reminds me of my son, so I will be sorry not to see his face around here as much. Terry…never seems ruffled and continues to seek solutions. Though I’ve mentioned these two specifically, be assured that everyone I have encountered from your organization have maintained a high level of professionalism.

I deal with a LOT of subcontractors and have encountered only 3 that I consider top notch.  Alarm Engineering is among that elite group. Thank you!”

-Donna @ Richard A Henson Foundation in Salisbury, MD