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Operation Safe Schools

Like everyone else in this country, we at Alarm Engineering were horrified and saddened by the tragic shootings that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary. Owner team and brother and sister Ron Boltz and Melanie Mason, go to work each day with the mission of designing, installing and servicing security systems with the intent to protect and secure assets, the largest of which is a life. 

Growing up on Delmarva and doing business locally, we have great ties and a vested interest in Somerset, Wicomico and Worcester counties. Ron and Melanie are driven to create a positive impact on the safety of our local school districts with the technology, hardware and expertise we bring to bear. 

On behalf of Alarm Engineering, Ron & Melanie created Operation Safe Schools. 


The Mission

It’s no secret that schools operate on a set budget each year. Over the past several years, school budgets have continued to shrink resulting in the stretching of already limited resources. The Superintendents, along with all of the members of the Board of Education, are left with the perplexing responsibility of deciding how to best allocate these resources to most effectively teach and protect our children. 

The purpose of Operation Safe Schools is simple:  to aid schools implement an additional measure of security to protect the students, teachers, administrators and school staff while operating within these tight budget restrictions.  Through Operation Safe Schools, Alarm Engineering committed to donate 2 Silent Emergency buttons to all of the public schools located in Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties. Similar donations were also offered to private schools located in these counties.

Ron and Melanie personally contacted school boards and informed them of the OSS donation program.  For those schools/districts who expressed interest, we went onsite to present OSS and answer any and all questions. Ultimately, ten local schools took advantage of this program and the panic buttons are installed in each of these facilities now.

Operation Safe Schools positively impacts thousands of children, teachers and administrators every day and allows parents to feel more secure in the wake of violent school tragedies such as Sandy Hook Elementary. These far-reaching benefits will extend out to many more thousands of children, teachers, administrators and parents in the years to come.

About Alarm Engineering

Founded in 1985, Alarm Engineering is the leading provider of electronic security systems and services on the Delmarva Peninsula. As a locally business, we have developed the reputation for integrity, reliability and quality with an emphasis on superior service to the customer. 

Our expert staff installs and services anywhere from small burglar alarms to large enterprise integrated systems combining intrusion, fire, card-access and video surveillance. Alarm Engineering has the technology and expertise to provide security solutions to residential, commercial and educational facilities of all kinds.

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