Jessica in Delmar rates Alarm Engineering 5 stars - Feel much safer after home was broken into -

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Rated 5 Stars!“My husband and I had Alarm Engineering install an alarm system with motion sensors in 2011 after our house was broken into and jewelry was stolen. I feel so much more safe with the system when I am at work and love the feature to just have the doors and windows armed while home. I live in Delmar so it is a pretty safe neighborhood but you never know who is coming in from another area. I also like that I can have my motion sensors in one part of my house while my golden retriever is in another, that way I have double security. My husband and I are expecting our first child soon so we will definitely be getting more security, like security cameras and our upstairs nursery armed since it has a balcony on the outside of it. Thank you Alarm Engineering!!!”  

-Jessica in Delmar