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Smart Arming Named a CES® 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree

Smart Arming Now Available

If you sometimes (or often!) forget to arm or disarm your security system, this is the feature for you. has unveiled Smart Arming, which goes beyond scheduled arming and disarming to adapt to your daily routines and take another thing off your to-do list.

Setup is Quick and Easy

Smart Arming is quick and easy to set up. Simply select the Clock icon in your app and choose the time of day you typically want your system armed at night (say, after 10pm) and disarmed in the morning (say, 7am), and then go about your daily routine. When your system detects inside activity or motion, like an early riser going downstairs at 6:15 am, the system automatically disarms.

You can also select a window of time to auto-disarm when activity is detected, without a scheduled time to disarm. This intelligent adaptability drastically reduces the risk of false alarms and makes home security even more convenient. 

How Much?

Smart Arming is free for all customers who enjoy features and is available now from your app.

Upgrade Now

If you aren’t enjoying the smarter home security features of, cash in your Customer Loyalty Dollars to save on upgrading your system now. 

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