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Rated 5 Stars!“My husband and I had Alarm Engineering install an alarm system with motion sensors in 2011 after our house was broken into and jewelry was stolen. I feel so much more safe with the system when I am at work and love the feature to just have the doors and windows armed while home. I live in Delmar so it is a pretty safe neighborhood but you never know who is coming in from another area. I also like that I can have my motion sensors in one part of my house while my golden retriever is in another, that way I have double security. My husband and I are expecting our first child soon so we will definitely be getting more security, like security cameras and our upstairs nursery armed since it has a balcony on the outside of it. Thank you Alarm Engineering!!!”  

-Jessica in Delmar 

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 Professional installation, 24/7 monitoring and the deterrence factor of yard signs/decals significantly reduce your likelihood of a break in, according to a Rutgers study. Here are 10 other things you can do now to continue to dissuade a burglar from choosing your home

10 Quick Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

A burglary occurs somewhere in the United States every 15.4 seconds.

A big first step of securing your home and/or business with a monitored Alarm Engineering security system. Professional installation, 24/7 monitoring and the deterrence factor of yard signs/decals significantly reduce your likelihood of a break in, according to a Rutgers study.

Here are 10 other things you can do now to continue to dissuade a burglar from choosing your home:

  1. More lighting. Burglars love dark corners and crevices. Increasing lighting around your property may convince a burglar to move on. Automatic light schedules in your home can also make your home looked lived in when you’re away.
  2. Take away hiding spots. Most burglaries happen in the late afternoon so high shrubbery or bushes in front of windows are a perfect entry point for would-be burglars. Keep your landscaping nicely manicured to decrease the likelihood a burglar can stay concealed while trying to break in. 
  3. Be a good neighbor. Keep on the lookout for your neighbor’s property and unusual behavior and ask your neighbors to do the same. Also create a neighborhood system where mail and newspapers are periodically collected so it’s not obvious that someone is away.
  4. Reign in social medial posts about your location. Whether you’re posting updates about your cousin’s out of town wedding or date night, keep in mind burglars are now casing social media for easy targets who they know aren’t home.
  5. Use high-quality doors and locks to decrease your vulnerability. 
  6. Cut out the spare keys. Burglars will be looking for the spare key under your mat. New lock technology can also allow you to lock or unlock your home remotely to let a visitor or worker in so you don’t need that spare key in the first place.
  7. Lock your windows! It sounds deceptively simple, but locking is a crucial step many people overlook.
  8. Sliding glass doors are especially vulnerable. In addition to having them contacted and monitored, take extra precaution by inserting a simple wooden dowel into the track, preventing or limiting movement.
  9. Invest in a safe. Keep your valuables in a locked safe and change the combination regularly. You can also receive SMS alerts on your phone when anyone enters a specific safe room or opens a certain cabinet.
  10. Don’t tempt a burglar. Keep empty electronics packaging off your curb and keep any tools or ladders out of plain sight. They can become easy targets, or worse, used as tools to break into your home. If you have an onsite DVR for video, consider a cloud solution instead.

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Locally owned and operated, Alarm Engineering has been securing Delmarva since 1985. In that time, we have developed a reputation for integrity, reliability, and quality with our emphasis on superior service to our customers. We know you have many choices when it comes to your security system, so here are some things you should know about us. 

Alarm Engineering is leading provider of electronic security systems and services in Delaware and the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia. From integrated home security systems with home automation and video to large enterprise-level integrated systems and small business solutions, our highly trained and professional staff will get the job done right. As an Authorized dealer, we offer exclusive Crash and Smash technology, Geo-Fencing, Doorbell Camera and LiftMaster Garage Control as part of our Home Automation offerings.

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