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Remote Control 

Video SurveillanceWhat your smart home can do for you

Video monitoring is accessible to any budget with the recent innovations to the security technology market. Depending on your need, you now have the flexibility to check in real-time on your pet or receive video clips when your kids get home from school or when your employees enter the safe room, plus much more. 

For home:
Check in on the second home or condo from anywhere and view live or recorded video clips on your internet-connected computer or free mobile apps. Our solutions can provide you with remote video capabilities anywhere you have broadband internet access. Learn More

For business:
Video surveillance systems can help save businesses the frustration and expense of inside theft and shoplifting. Using the latest technology, systems can be viewed both on your premise as well as remotely over existing phone lines or networks allowing you to virtually be in many places at once. 

If your surveillance needs are more sophisticated, our team has designed integrated video solutions for jewelry stores, banks and government institutions – rest assured that whatever your high value items, we have the expertise to design an effective video solution for your home. Learn more

Remote Control

The security system acts as the brain of your home or business; it knows whether the building is occupied or empty. Use that brain to automate your property and use your security system to its fullest potential! 

With Interactive Services you can:

  • Control your alarm, locks, lights and thermostat remotely, from your computer or free apps
  • Automate your lights and locks to trigger with arming or disarming of your system
  • Assign specific user codes to workers or guests so your arm code stays yours alone
  • Receive real time text and email alerts for alarms and system events
  • Remotely view your employees and receive reports and alerts 

Remote Control

Energy Management

Control your lights and thermostats remotely and set energy saving schedules based on your daily routines. Stop wasting energy and start taking control of your energy consumption, and your energy bills! 

With’s emPower from Alarm Engineering, reduce your energy usage without sacrificing personal comfort when it comes to heating and cooling your home or business.

emPower gives you greater awareness and control of your property’s energy usage than ever before with anytime, anywhere access to your thermostats through the internet and mobile devices.


With emPower, you can:

  • Get real-time alerts when a thermostat setting is changed or the temperature goes out of the range you dictate
  • Easily control all of your thermostat settings through our user-friendly website and mobile apps. Customize settings for each of your thermostats to fit your needs – whether you’re keeping a comfortable temperature or looking for ways to save energy
  • Receive alerts if the temperature drops below a certain threshold in the winter, preventing frozen pipes and expensive repairs, and remotely access your system to turn up the heat
  • Create custom light schedules and automatic, event-triggered lighting rules designed to fit your routines
  • With remote control from across the room or across the world, emPower offers a variety of light automation options for enhanced security and convenience, all enabling you to save energy
  • Check in on your home or business from anywhere
  • View live or recorded video clips on your internet-connected computer or free mobile apps

With an emPower-integrated security system powered by, use the brain of your home or business to offer time and money saving conveniences, and regain control over your energy usage!

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