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“Alarm Engineering just updated the fire & security systems in our 100+ year old building. No doubt a frustrating experience at times for the installers, yet every member of the Alarm Engineering team responded in a courteous and professional manner, while protecting the historical elements of our building. Installers arrived when scheduled and were willing to work around the varied schedules of our three tenant organizations. At the end of every workday, they cleaned & vacuumed. Seriously!

I have worked with a lot of subcontractors and Alarm Engineering made it to my all-time favorite, top 3 in part because of Ron, Dan, & Terry. They all take pride in the quality of their work & the satisfaction of their customer. That said, I should add, that I never encountered any member of the AE team that acted in anything but a professional manner. I highly recommend this company-much so, I use them in my home as well.”

-Donna @ Richard A. Henson Foundation in Salisbury, MD via Google Review (customer since 2006)

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Have you ever left the room, even for a minute, with a candle burning? Have you ever removed a battery in a beeping smoke detector? Ever left the house with your dryer running? Probably, and you might think it’s not a big deal but home safety experts disagree.

Are You Making These 5 Home Safety Mistakes?

Have you ever left the room, even for a minute, with a candle burning? Have you ever removed a battery in a beeping smoke detector? Ever left the house with your dryer running? Probably, and you might think it’s not a big deal but home safety experts disagree.

Here are some of the most important Dos and Don’ts that will help keep you and your family safe.

  • Don’t leave windows wide open.

Burglars are opportunists – don’t make it easy for them. Your window contacts won’t work if the system has already bypassed the window that’s open.

In addition, falls from windows send over 3000 children to the hospital each year according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Children can fall out of a window open just over four inches and a screen doesn’t help.

Do make sure that your windows are protected by your home security system and that if you’re home you’re arming to Stay. Install window guards on all windows and use quick release mechanisms on windows you might use as a fire exit.

  • Never leave candles burning unattended.

On average, 24 home candle fires are reported per day. Fires started by candles cause 100 deaths and 900 injuries per year according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). These fires can start and spread quickly, so don’t ever leave a candle in an empty room.

Do burn candles where you can easily see if fire spreads and keep them at least a foot away from bedding, drapes, furniture or anything else that can burn. Even better, use flameless candles. They are just as pretty and much less dangerous.

  • Don’t ignore low battery warnings from your home security system or smoke detectors.

The beeping that warns you about a low battery in your home security or smoke detectors is annoying, but never remove the battery to try and make it stop. Working smoke detectors cut your risk of dying in a house fire in half says Debra Holtzman, a national child safety and health expert and author of“The Safe Baby: a Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety and Healthy Living.”

Do make sure monitored smoke alarms are installed in every bedroom, outside the sleeping area and on each level of the home. Schedule a system review with our team to make sure you are covered.

Test your smoke alarms frequently. Make sure you call us first to put your system on test. Read troubleshooting details about your home security system here or call us, our team is here to help 24/7.

  • Don’t throw knives in the sink.

Over 1000 people a day get cut badly enough by a knife to go to the Emergency Room, says a study published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. A frequent mistake is throwing knives into a sink of soapy water.

Do place knives on the counter until they are ready to be washed, far enough away from the edge so that a child cannot reach them.

  • Don’t fail to prepare for emergencies.

Many people don’t have an emergency plan or kit. You never know when an emergency will strike, so preparation is essential. Read what suggests for your family’s emergency kit.

Read the full detail about home safety guidelines at here.

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